Intercultural YAYA Gathering

We live in the multicultural and multifaith society of Canada.

Intercultural and interfaith experience of learning from each other and learning

through differences is crucially important. In this global village of racial, cultural and religious diversity, we provide a variety of programs for those who seriously prepare for the future. So we gather on Thursday for the programs and fellowship,

and, on Sunday, you go back to your own church or faith communities.


Regarding your future, think about following few questions:

What do you want to be at your age of 60?


If you have the picture of yourself, please go ahead...

What do you need to do at your age of 30, 40 and 50?


You are in Canada in the year 2013,

What do you need to do right now?


We try to provide the best program that works for the future.


In God, we are one family, one body!

You are not alone. God is with us.


Please join us,

and journey together for your future world!


Intercultural YAYA Gathering Programs:

We provide diverse programs - topical discussions, drama and musical groups,

bible skits, written and speaking English, leadership training, and etc.

We also create new programs by the participants' request.



1.    Intercultural YAYA Gathering Faith Statement 

1.     We trust in God the Creator and celebrate God's good creation.

2.     We are part of this creation and we live in God's world. We are made in God's image and yet with all different gifts.

3.     We seek to respect one another, to love our neighbours, to care for creation, and to live in harmony.

4.     We are called to join in God's ongoing creation and to live out Godí»s will for creation, peace and justice with love.

5.     We believe that, in this journey, we are together by sustaining trusting relationship with each other, through the Spirit of God who is with us always.


2.    Intercultural YAYA Gathering Mission Statement

1.     As followers of Jesus Christ, we serve the world with the spirit of Christ.

2.     We share our own cultural identities while learning about other cultures and traditions.  

3.     We strive to build a community of trust and mutual respect.

4.     We aim to build a network of support and encouragement for present and future in each individualí»s own context.


3.    Intercultural YAYA Gathering Goals And Objectives

1.     To be the trustful and responsible leader of the future world, we build the ongoing network of trusting relationship.

2.     Study and work to be equipped with knowledge, information and experience to witness the good news of God.

3.     Develop and learn to plan and manage small group gatherings.

4.     Develop skills to build trusting relationship through small group sharing and large group gathering.

5.     Develop leadership by exchanging their role within the structure.






Malvern Emmanuel United Church:

Rev. Eiko Hosaka 416.282.6208


Willowdale United Church:

Rev. Sarah Chapman 416.225.2309


Dentonia Park United Church:

Rev. Dr. Grace Lee: 647.449.2067

Rev. John Young-Jung Lee 416.694.2095


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Volunteers are welcome!

We need volunteers in many areas for mutural growth.

For further information, please email to: