This webpage is for the people of the Toronto Conference for story sharing and networking.

Networking with the Spirit

A Proposal, June 26, 2002


The goal:

To identify the activity of the Spirit in our midst in as many ways as possible, so that we can celebrate, learn. and support one another in being a part of what the Spirit is bringing to life.


The Net work

 Presbytery Contact Person or Team

This person or group will be responsible to do three things:


One:    Invite presbyters to identify any program or initiatives within their churches that are bearing fruit, by identifying the natures of the activity, the time of the activity. and the leader(s) of the program.


Two:   Obtain permission from the program leaders to have their activity or initiative listed in a flyer, for the purpose of offering people the opportunity to visit the program to see it in action1 (show and tell) and the opportunity to invite a leader to come and dialogue with another group about the program they are involved with (circuit rider).


A flyer listing these opportunities will be created by  the end of January 2003 and in the spring (by the end of May 2003) and distributed to Presbyters to distribute to their congregations.


The flyers are also to be e-mailed to Toronto Conference where they will collated and e-mailed to the conference e-mail list so that people can be aware of what is happening throughout the conference and have the opportunity to network conference - wide.


Three: Attend meeting in the fall with other Presbytery contact people: to evaluate how weft the network is working, to problem solve, and to plan a spring celebration event and appoint a planning team. ,f



Conference Network Celebration


The thought is to host a two day event in spring for Presbytery Contact Teams, Program Leaders, and anyone else who would be interested. The purpose of the event would be fourfold


One:   To spend a morning getting acquainted and sharing in inspirational worship which will utilize the gifts of those who attend.


Two:   To invite a guest speaker /workshop leader who had proven stills in areas that are critical to facilitating change within the church (e.g. facilitation skills. conflict resolution skills, strategic planning skills, financial development skills, etc.)


Three: To provide time for people to network in groups of their own choosing (e.g. alternative worship, small groups, age related programs, lay pastoral care, etc.).


Four:   To provide the time and opportunity to party together with food, drink, music, and other spiritually riotous behaviours.


For more information, please contact Rev. Cheri DiNovo.


Please send your stories to web editor.

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