Marion Current receives International Health Award  for 2005


  Sermon, "Choosing Our Leaders "

by Rev. Judith M.  Evenden on June 1, 2003

 Sermon, “Hope of the World”

by Rev. Dr. Lillian Perigo on June 1, 2003

 Proclaiming the Message of the “of Canada” Church: A Toronto Perspective

by Jim McKibbin 

St. James United Church - St. James' Well-Being Ministry

The idea for this ministry arose at a social gathering in June 1994 when a member of the congregation, Doris Homji informally shared her passion for Reiki with Rev. Coral Prebble, who in turn asked if she was willing to offer Reiki at St. James.

Bellefair United Church-The Young Christian Community

The Young Christian Community (Sunday School) at Bellefair United Church has been growing tremendously. We have tripled our attendance in just a few short months.

Networking with the Spirit

A Proposal, June 26, 2002 with the goal "to identify the activity of the Spirit in our midst in as many ways as possible, so that we can celebrate, learn. and support one another in being a part of what the Spirit is bringing to life.

Central United Church Weston- Established 1821

The goal of our ministry in Weston is to live out our faith through our witness and actions. "Witness and action" is shaped by the needs of our community which has evolved rapidly into a neigbbourhood with many "inner city" characteristics and needs.


Halton/Peel Hay West Campaign, Dufferin and Peel Presbytery

This is the press release from Norval United Church on August 21, 2002. The campaign is still going on.


Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church , Toronto West Presbytery

Rev. Cheri DiNovo tells the story of revitalization within her congregation, and relates it to her recently-completed doctoral thesis.


Alderwood United Church, Toronto West Presbytery

Connie denBok talks about the church growth pattern where a congregation grows quickly, then plateaus, and then has a long decline. 


North Bramalea United Church, Dufferin and Peel Presbytery

Norm Greene said that Brampton has over 300,000 people, and their congregation has one lawyer, no doctor, but lots of truck drivers and school teachers...


St. Paul's United Church, Muskoka Presbytery

Paul Browning described how Orillia is politically a Tory/Reform area which also has social assistance/working poor and artists.... 


Wesley and Temperancevill Pastoral Charge, York Presbytery

Rev. Vicki Cousins described two very different congregations; both have a rural sense about them...





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