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 Web editor's note: This is the press release from Norval United Church on August 21, 2002. The campaign is still going on.

Halton/Peel Hay West Campaign


You’ve heard about the drought in Western Canada.  You know how bad it is for many farming families.  There isn’t enough hay to feed the livestock.  Horses and cattle are being sold for slaughter.  Farmer’s lives are being turned upsidedown. 


CN and CP have donated railcars.  The Federal Government has offered support.  You can make a difference.  1 large round bale of hay can feed a cow for 2 months.  A bale of hay costs $25.


To this date, farmers in Halton and Peel have pledged close to 4,000 bales of hay.  Norval United Church, part of the team co-ordinating Halton/Peel Hay West, has donated $1,000 for 40 bales and has received more than $6,000 from church members and people in the community to purchase even more hay.


Let’s show Western farmers that we’re thinking about them.  Being Canadian means doing good when your neighbour is in need.  In Canada, we care.


To Donate Hay

Call Beth Laidlaw 905.455.8519 and tell how many bales you can donate.


To Donate money to purchase hay or for transportation

Make cheque out to “Norval United Church – Hay West”.  Send it to:

Norval United Church, P.O. Box 116, Norval, ON L0P 1K0.  Receipts will be issued.



Paul Ivany, Norval United Church Minister

905.877.6122 or 905.873.8721




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