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President's message

at the 77th Toronto Conference Annual General Meeting, June 9, 2002, Blue Mountain Resort Centre

Called and Connected

We live in a fast changing world that is experiencing globalization, and we are also part of the globalization force..  Not only is it a phenomenon in this world with globalization, but it creates a new culture. In my recent trip to Thailand for the International Network Forum on Multicultural Ministry, I witnessed the big gap between the rich and the poor, which causes an imbalance in the lives of the people in this country.  At this gathering, church representatives, from more than 30 countries, shared  

joys and concerns and concluded that we are all connected and called to work together for God's mission of peace and justice. This tells us "where we are now" and "where we are to go" in a global context.


We, as the people of The United Church of Canada, faithfully witness to the good news of Christ.  Compared to many other countries in the world, Canada is blessed with economic well-being and secure social benefits. Within this global village we realize that many areas need to be mended, and are called to join in justice action for reconciliation and healing. As we read the signs of the times, we find that the Toronto Conference has the gift of remarkable diversity. This gift of diversity becomes a blessing when we recognise and celebrate it as God's gift given to us.  Some of us have gathered to share our visions for the future and realized that we have so many good stories to share.  Some of us also raise our voices for justice and peace in this society that experiences confrontation between different religious and ethnic minority groups.


As we venture further into the reign of God, the Toronto Conference has begun to work more deliberately by reflecting on how to nurture spirituality, to develop healthy ministry and to strive for justice.  I believe that this will prepare a strong foundation and help us to be able to tell what we are doing and why we are doing it.  As we communicate with one another efficiently with mutual respect, with all possible ways and tools, we will be able to come closer and we will connect with each other to share stories, hopes and dreams.  My wish during this coming year is that, we encounter each other heart to heart, face to face, hand in hand, and feel the sense of one body.  In this our journey, I saw a vision of a burning bush, the flame of the Holy Spirit that grows and spreads through the whole mountain, the whole of Canada, and to the ends of the world.  In this journey together, we will sing praises: We are not alone.  God is with us.  Thanks be to God!



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